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Facebook Star Percy Inglis reportedly dies at the young age of 18 years



Update: Percy Inglis is dead –  Continue reading below..

Facebook star and social media influencer Percy Inglis reportedly dead, although the young Percy has been rumored to have committed suicide anyway we cannot ascertain exactly the actual cause of his death.

Percy reportedly died today Monday 11 of May 2020, although there was no official report detailing what exactly killed the 18 year-old socialite.

He has for long  stopped updating his entire social media handle since last few years possibly creating fears that his death rumor could possibly be true.

His last Facebook post was in January 2016 were he posted a video with caption:

“Percy Inglis evolves into: English Twat.”

Percy Inglis evolves into: English Twat.

Posted by Percy Inglis vs Marcus Dibble on Friday, January 8, 2016

As at time Marcus dibble was contact following the rumored death of  Percy all he could drop as a reply was that he has heard of the news and that his death was devastating and super heartbreaking to him and no one should continue bugging with questions.

Marcus Dibble in a new instagram post on his account wrote.. For those of you messaging me regarding the devastating situation that has transpired, i’m aware. This is super heartbreaking and i’m asking you please show some respect and stop messaging me about it.


Facebook Star Percy Inglis in his early days

Update: Percy Inglis Committed Suicide According to Family in a Facebook Post

Blow this the fuck up. Posting this on my backup because my main is private.
Posting on behalf of Percy’s family member who reached out to me and the admin team of my group!

TW: suicide

A family member of mine grew up in foster care and had a group of friends from the different homes they were in. Around 6-7 years ago they used to post silly videos of themselves doing jokes and playing characters. They were all between the ages of 11-16 at the time and were just doing it for fun with friends.

But then this man who has hundreds of thousands of followers saw the videos and decided to post hate videos, and got all his followers to attack them. He also made up rumours about them and even said one of the girls was 19 to try to justify bullying kids (she was 16 at the time) the bullying got to the point where they were getting beaten up at school and 3 of them dropped out of school.

The end of 2015 they all decided to delete their videos because they couldn’t handle the bullying. They were all kids at the time, and all except 1 had disabilities as well. As they got older they tried to do something good with their lives, make something of themselves despite the rough upbringing however the bullying never stopped wherever they went. They tried to contact this man many times asking him to delete the videos but he wouldn’t and his followers defended him and kept attacking these kids.

My cousin started doing martial arts and became really involved with his local church, which has kept him busy and happy over the past few years but with COVID-19 restrictions he felt really stuck, and the social media bullying really got to him. His mental health was in a really bad state and last week he unfortunately took his own life 💔
He died in the worst way and we have been so heartbroken from this loss and trying to come to terms with it. Last night, this person has done the most deplorable thing.

The man who made the videos and has been encouraging his followers to bully my cousin continuously for years has now posted a status pretending that they were friends and that my cousin consented to the videos being made and there was no malicious intent… and his followers actually believe him. All of his close friends and family members and his girlfriend have been commenting telling him to take down this post and he just deletes our comments and blocks us from his page.

He says in the post that he’s contacted my cousins close friends when in reality he hasn’t contacted anyone that cares about him otherwise they would have told him NOT to post that. After years of trying to get them removed, YouTube has finally taken down the videos of my cousin only AFTER he took his own life, too little too late.

And the videos of his friends are still there on and he still refuses to remove them, knowing that these people are still being bullied. If he felt any remorse he would have taken down the videos of the other kids as well. One of the other girls was also hospitalised for a suicide attempt.

I just can’t comprehend how someone can be so evil, and how his followers continue to to believe everything he says and support him. I’m Absolutely devastated I don’t even know where to begin 😢 we are trying to cope with the loss of a good man and now we have to deal with this vile individual.

All his content is based on making racist, sexist jokes and bullying children and people with disabilities. He also coerced a 15 year old girl to send him nude pictures and then posted them publicly and made one of them (cropped) the thumbnail on one of his YouTube videos.

Blow this the fuck up. Posting this on my backup because my main is private.

Posting on behalf of Percy’s family…

Posted by Mya Grace on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Few Things You Need To Know Percy Inglis

Percy was born on January 16, 2002 in Brisbane, Australia, he was a social media influencer who gained fame for his video posts on his Facebook account. He also posts click bait articles to his timeline.

Percy ventured into the world of social media influencing at the young age of 12 and has made alot of influence ever since he started his Facebook business.

It is rumored that Percy was making a stacking huge amount from his Facebook venture, as of 2019 he was making around $100,000 – $1M per month from his Facebook business.

According to reports, Percy went on a hiatus from posting to Facebook, returning during Christmas time in 2015. He stated upon his return that he would be making more mature videos.

He and Levi Jed Murphy has for long been making lots of hard cash from their online venture since their onset.

He was one of the winners at Pan Pacific Kids Jiu Jiy 2017 Infinity Martial Arts, Brazil.

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