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Daniel Silva ink master crash kills popular Youtuber Corey La Berrie



“Ink Master” star Daniel Silva is about to be arrested for murder after police said  he was involved in a car crash that killed YouTuber Corey La Barrie who later died on his birthday.

According to TMZ, Law enforcement sources revealed that the first-responders were called out to the scene of an accident in L.A. Sunday night — where two men in a McLaren sports car somehow crashed into a street sign and tree while out for a drive. The passenger took the brunt of the hit.

“We’re told the driver — alleged to be Silva — did not suffer life-threatening injuries in the wreck, but the passenger, La Barrie, did. Both were transported to a hospital, where the YouTube star was later pronounced dead. Our sources say Silva is still being treated for a broken hip, and will either be arrested for murder there or once he’s discharged.



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As for how this happened … we’re told police were briefed by witnesses at a party that both Silva and La Barrie had attended earlier in the night to celebrate Corey’s birthday. Our sources say people told cops Silva was seen drinking earlier that night.
It is believed the McLaren was traveling at a high rate of speed before the crash — but we don’t have any other specifics about what led to the accident.

The popular Australian youtuber, Corey moved to Los Angeles and successfully built up a large following as a comedic social media influencer.

His YouTube channel with Crawford Collins, Corey & Crawford has 104K subscribers. His personal channel had sored to over 334K subscribers. On Instagram, he has a huge following over 192K.

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