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Chizoba Bosah



Profile & Biography of Chizoba Bosah

Real Name Chizoba Bosah
Age 52 yrs
Birthplace Nigeria
Profession Actress
Death May 11th  2020

Who is Chizoba Bosah

Chizoba Bosah is a Nigerian actress who has featured on several Nigerian movies, among many is the popular Nollywood movie  “Living in Bondage” released in  (1992).

Early Life and Death

Chizoba Bosah started acting at such a  young age with her fist movie role in Living in Bondage and recently her movie role in the popular Nigerian Telenovela  Tinsel which made her earn much reputation and popularity on the Nigerian movie scene, she has featured on so many Nollywood movies and has performed well on her roles as an actress.

Although not much is know about the actress but she has been one of the pioneerso in the history of Nigerian movie industry.

Unfortunately She died on 9th May 2020 after  her long battle with diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure.


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