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Canary Mugume



Profile & Biography of Canary Mugume

Real Name Canary Mugume
Age 23 yrs
Birthplace Uganda
Profession Journalist
Last Updated May 11 2020

Who Is Canary Mugume

Canary Mugume is a senior investigative Journalist in East Africa with NBS television.

He is from Uganda in the East Africa region working with the NBS television where he also doubles as a news anchor of the Day Breaker Bulletin – NBS Sunrise. Canary has profoundly covered top political issues in Uganda and other regional politics including the Rwandan, Ugandan and Kenyan elections. As a political reporter.

Education & Career


Canary Mugume graduated at the International University of East Africa (IUEA) on 29th November 2018.

Mugume who had no journalism experience was trained by NBS Television and in less than a year, he was posted to report from Parliament and on some occasions allowed to anchor news at the Kamwokya based media house.

Canary Mugume And Sasha Ferguson Relationship

Canary and his wife to be Sasha Fergusson met  when she was still at WBS TV and he was with Buzz Events company they both came to the station to promote and handle a teens show
one thing led to the other they both caught the relationship vibes.

Accoding to Fergusson who said they were both young at that time, she was 17 aand her beauty struck Canary and that was it.

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