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Bobos Death: Six Suspects Arrested (Photo)



Few days ago we reported a news about how a teen boy identified as Bobo was brutally beaten to death. The police have arrested six suspects linked to the murder of a young South African boy identified as Bobo. The suspects were apprehended in their different locations.

According to Bobo’s former school Nkosibomvu Secondary School, A beer bar owner of a place called Magagula lounge was also among the arrested suspects in connection to Andile Mchunu Bobo death.

Bobo was declared missing last week after he was brutally beaten up by a group of men.

Picture: Six Suspects arrested in connection to Bobo’s death

In the video Bobo was seen in a room and was severely beaten and is lying on the floor and there is blood and water and weapons that were used to beat him. There is a man who enters into the room and orders him to start cleaning up. Bobo was heavily beaten and couldn’t just rise up to clean up. He was struggling to pull himself up. The person who enters the run puts his foot on him and pushes him down. The man leaves the room later. Bobo was later found dead.

Bobo Before Death

According to reports Bobo was murdered after he was accused of stealing beer from his uncle’s bottle store. Bobo Mchunu’s uncle is reported to have been arrested.

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