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Gurugram teen Manav Singh Suicide Case – Bois locker room chat, Find Out More



A young teenage boy from Gurugram school has died after committing suicide over a viral “Bois Locker Room Chat” he was accused of sending to girls in his school.

The chatroom which got leaked on Sunday by a girl targeted in the grisly group chats, has drawn massive anger, shock and disgust on social media after the boy she dragged into the case killed himself.

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Manav Singh, on Tuesday committed suicide after being accused by a girl of sexual assault on social media.

According to the late Manav brother, Rishi Singh’s Instagram post he uploaded on May 6, 2020 said:

“MANAV WAS NOT A RAPIST. HE DIDN’T DESERVE TO DIE” Rishi Singh captioned his post with several hashtags such as #justiceformanav, #stopdefaming, #slander, #falseaccusations, etc. Rishi wrote in his post that his brother Manav was unable to handle the tremendous pressure he was in after the story of the girl who falsely accused him of rape and molestation went viral on social media and impulsively decided to commit suicide.

The social media post which went buzzing talked about an alleged incident that happened two years ago when Manav was about 14 or 15 years old. He claimed that the girl who made the accusations had no proofs for the same.

Manav received many threat calls and messages after her story went viral on social media. He tried to defend himself in front of the girl and her friends who had accused him. He tried to convince them that he was innocent but he couldn’t handle the constant threats and believed that his side of the story would not be heard.

Rishi went further to reveal that his brother Manva after hearing about the suicide, the girl posted another story which said that if Manav could not handle the pressure then its not her fault. “She didn’t repent for a second what she wrote which not only led to a young kids demise but also shattered his family’s life”, lamented the devastated brother of the teenage boy.

The late Manav Singh was the youngest member of the family and he didn’t deserve to die, his brother Rishi tearfully demanded justice for him.

Manav Singh is a class 12 boy in Gurugram’s upscale residential area, DLF Phase 5, jumped to his death from the balcony of his flat on 11th floor at around 11 PM on Tuesday. The police are investigating whether he was involved in the controversial ‘Bois Locker Room’ Instagram group.

He was resident of DLF Carlton Estate. His phone has been seized by the police and has been sent to forensic lab for analysis. Cybercrime cell has also been involved to investigate his social media accounts. He has not left any suicide note.

The teen’s brother has issued a statement on social media asserting that his brother was not a rapist and added that it had nothing to do with the Bois Locker Room, since the incident for which he was accused is said to be two years ago.

His post read:

“He was Manav Singh, my brother, a 17 yrs old student of The Heritage School, Gurugram. Two days ago a girl posted a story talking about an event which took place around two years ago; when Manav was only 14-15 y/o. in this story she accused him of molestation and rape while claiming she has no proof of it.


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