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Who are the descendant of Prabu Brawijaya (Raja Majapahit)? Find Out Here



This Is A Guest Post From – Anggara Gita

I am a descendant of Prabu Brawijaya (Raja Majapahit)
I have known for a long time that my grandmother has kept family paper. It seems that even from the time I was in middle school, it’s just that I wasn’t interested in discussing or telling others. Who would believe that I am a descendant of the king, and what are the benefits to those who listen? Not going to make them say proudly, “eh, my friend turns out to be my blue blood, brooo!” Nope. I won’t

But rather than being stunned by the confusion of what I wanted to do because of the Pamdemi, I asked for help to find the paper because the problem was I didn’t know where it was stored and even when I thought the palette was gone. Eh it was found.

Now I want to discuss it, on social media. In addition to me writing it on a blog, I also spread it on Twitter @cekinggita and the video I saved on Youtube. The link of the video will copy and paste it at the end of the article.

So what can it be told to the audience? Yes, who knows, anyone is interested in checking the truth. Could it turn out wrong? Then if you look at the chart of his descendants, you can make a grand reunion for the family of Prabu Brawijaya’s family.
Yes, I’m a descendant of King Brawijaya. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. [hr] I don’t know what the name of the paper is. The thin type of newspaper and then the color is yellow, apparently because it is dirty or because the type of paper used to be like this. I don’t know.

The first sheet (which I posted above) the paper widened like A3. It seems to be a complete family tree. Handwritten, not the result of a typewriter. Cursive letters. The ink is solid black.

In addition to the written names of the characters, there are vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, both straight and dashed lines, which symbolize the relationship between characters. There is also a statement that if the king is the symbol, then the symbol of man, woman, symbol of marriage, and the explanation that the number in parentheses means the number of children.

The next sheet, the size of the paper is half more than smaller than the first sheet. It seems to explain the whole chart in the first sheet. He wrote it arranged down in the order of numbers and letters, not using lineage like the first sheet. This sheet and after it is neatly written using a typewriter. There are only 3 sheets, but even though I used to have a lot. In sheets. It seems like something is missing.
There is a handwriting using a red ink pen, I am having trouble reading it.


Based on the genealogical paper, the earliest written character, the base of the top, is Prabu Brawijaya Majapahit, with a vertical line down that seems to indicate that the next names are his line, namely Batara Katong, R. Patah, R. Damr, R. Bondan Kejawan, and Nyai Pengging.

Well, I come from the pure from R. Bondan Kejawan. And indeed in this genealogy paper there are no bloodlines from the other 4 names. Only from the R. Bondan Kejawan bloodline.
Who is R Bondan Kejawan?
From Google’s search results, more precisely Wikipedia, it turns out that R.Bondan Kejawan is the 14th son of Prabu Brawijaya, who was the last Majapahit king. His mother’s name was Putri Wandan Sari, a lady who used to serve King Brawijaya’s consort, Dewi Dwarawati.

When he was born, R Bondan Kejawan was handed over to Ki Buyut Masahar to be eliminated at the request of Prabu Brawijaya himself because according to the predictions the necromancer would later bring badness to the Majapahit Kingdom. However, this child was raised by Ki Buyut Masahar.

Long story short, R Bondan Kejawan married Dewi Nawangwulan, then had offspring, and afterwards there was a figure named Panembahan Senopati, who was the founder of the Mataram kingdom. This is from Wikipedia’s results, you know. I don’t know the true truth. But there is also the possibility that I caught the Wiki incorrect explanation.


This means, in addition to my descendants of King Majapahit, there is a possibility that I am also the king of Mataram. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Brooooooooooooooooo. Ha ha ha.

Uh, I don’t know either, whether my grandfather belongs to the lineage of his son R Bondan Kejawan who was the founder of Mataram or not. It could be a pure line from another child.

I don’t understand how to read the pedigree, because in the next sheet, at the very top it says: Raden Tumenggung SUMODIWIRYO – Regent of Kaliwungu VI (Pakoweh War of 1746 – Governor Vab Inhoff). Well actually, based on this genealogy paper, I am a descendant of Raden Tumenggung SUMODIWIRYO, who I don’t know is what his relationship is with R Bondan Kejawan.

On the next page, there is written letter (q) with the information R. Reksodisaputro – Assisten Wedon Mijen (Son of RT HHadinegoro Demak II). I tried Googling but there was no explanation from the name, even though it was from him that I came from.

He has 11 children, which is number 9 with Rr Kustinah Wurosuharjo. He is my great-grandfather. Grandma Yut has 6 children, number 4 named Sugiarso. Well this is my brother, my father is my mother. It says Sugiarso x Sri Worodati: Yun, Eti, etc.


Sri Worodati is your Grandma. While Yun and Eti are my Bude. Mother number three, but unfortunately not written on the pedigree paper. ha ha.
Do you guys have a genealogy paper or not? Lest we are distant relatives.

Oh yeah, can anyone and can be sure of the truth?

This article has previously been posted on my personal blog The link is Descended-…ja-majapahit/ 

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