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Justice for Bobo – Horrific video of Bobo Duduzo beaten to near death before he went missing emerges online



Who is Bobo Duduzo? South Africans are demanding justice for Bobo Duduzo who was brutally beaten before he went missing. Last week  news of a sixteen year old boy who has gone missing in Hambanathi Township, Tongaat, KwaZulu Natal broke out on the internet. Still on the search for the teen boy who was later found dead a new video emerged.

The shows the moment Bobo Duduzo was severely beaten and left unconscious as he grasped for breath.

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According to reports, The victim in the video (Bobo), allegedly stole booze at his uncle’s bottle store in their area leading to a brutal attack. Many believed that Bobo succumbed to injuries inflicted and died hence the disappearance.

A twitter user who goes by the nickname, Unfuctwithable stated that Bobo’s sister was called to the scene and was told turn back and fetch clothes for him because he was soaking wet. Upon her return, they told her he had ran away which was hard to believe because a video has been circulating showing Andile unconscious and unable to move.

Sources identified one of the (allegedly murder accomplice) as Luyanda Mshana. They linked Luyanda’s Facebook pictures and clothes to the crime scene. More so Luyanda Mshana is allegedly threatening everyone who is sharing the call for justice with violence.

Tweeps are calling on South African Police to take action as they seek justice for missing Bobo who later reported to be dead.

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A twitter user tweeted.. ”So vele the SAPS can locate and dig up up burried Alchohol but they can’t arrest the people who hurt Bobo? Even after a video!? What a joke of government we have!”

Another tweeted.. ”This is Andile “Bobo” Mchunu, a 16 year old boy from Hambanathi, Tongaat. Andile went missing on Tuesday 28 April after being senselessly beaten by a group of men for allegedly stealing alcohol. He was last seen at the lodge where the men beat him, they claim he ran away.”

God left this world long time ago we are left with animals. That Beat up kids like this yerrr I’m disgusted.
The police and the station Commander must account. Why shoot at the community members who went looking for the child? Is it because they are on this owner’s payroll? Right now they are busy burying the evidence.

Nobody knows if Bobo is dead or alive but tweeps as seeking justice for the brutal beaten of the young boy.

Watch the video below – Caution the video contains graphic content


The hash tag JusticeForBobo has gained a lot of traction on social media and Twitter investigators have come up with their own suspects of this crime. Tweeps have pointed out Luyanda Mshana as the leading suspect. He is currently threatening everyone who is raising awareness about Bobo’s murder with violence (allegedly). This is one of the saddest stories to befall our nation. Bobo was found in Newtown river in Tongaat and the suspects are currently in custody.

The boy who was in possession of the phone with the video apparently confessed to his mom and his mom went straight to the police station.

Tweeps are aggressively reacting on this

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