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Did Lovely Peaches die?



Multiple reports making rounds all over the internet claimed that American creator on Instagram and talented singer, Lovely Peaches (Real Name – Brittany Johnson) is dead. We went on thorough finding to know if the rmours are true. Our finding have it that the pop singer is very much alive and healthy.

Lovely Peaches is not dead. The public are asked to dispel the information claiming that Lovely Peaches died.

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Furthermore Lovely Peahes in past couple of hours updated her instagram page and wrote..

Stream so @nickiminaj can get her first number one 😭💖 I’m so excited AHHH😭💖 she’s almost there

Lovely Peaches subsequently shared a picture of her with an unknown man in bed that kept her fans in suspense asking if the man is her father.


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Who Is Lovely Peaches – Brief Bio

Lovely Peaches is an American pop singer and creator on Instagram. Lovely Peaches boast of over 850, 000 followers on her Lovelypeachesmusic100 account.

Lovely Peaches real name is Brittany Johnson. She has a daughter who bears the name Cora.

Lovely Peaches has a Snapchat account called plovesya2. She also created a backup Instagram account called lovelypeaches4ever10000.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. No

    August 13, 2020 at 2:02 am

    You guys are really going to leave out the fact that she was openly admitting to soliciting her daughter to men for sex and instead hyped her up as a pop star. Ewww

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