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Top 5 World’ greatest traitor & Bad-ass, Reasons will shock you



In the World we live there are many bad asses and traitors who have soiled theirs hands with innocent blood, they contributed to the blood shed and massacre of innocent citizens, some of these people made life more miserable for their people, the share betrayal they showed towards their people was second to known,  that’s why they are regarded as  Bad-asses and world greatest traitors on our list.

Below i will walk you through my top 5 World greatest Bad asses and traitors of which some of them you know very well.

NO 1: Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad

Meet Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad he is a bad-ass born in Bangladeshi. He was the President of Bangladesh from 15 August to 6 November 1975.He was the man behind the assassination of his country’s first president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his entire Bangladesh residing family.

According to history, 15 August 1975, Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad along with the other greedy co-conspirators executed the plan to kill Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that pushed the country into a tumultuous political and social environment for the next 15 years, fighting 9 months of brutal War For Liberation, in 1971 with over 3 million lives lost.

His Bad-ass contributed to 5 major tragic events the country will never forget

Paved the way for the Islamization of the country and allowed the fundamentalism and fundamentalist get a foothold.

Created an environment for the war criminals to return and create farther political unrest and disharmony among the various religions and ethnic groups living in the country.

Making Islam the state religion, whereas the previous constitution was purely secular.

The assassination created a chain of events giving rise to 2–3 military dictatorships depending on whom you ask.

Severely hindering the economic, social, and cultural growth of the country.

NO 2: Mir Jafar

Meet Mir Jafar, the man who changed the history of Indian subcontinent and has become of symbol of betrayal. He is arguably one of the most hated figure of Indian subcontinent notably in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He went against his own people and helped the British to rule India for around 200 years.

He started his career as a soldier in the army of Alivardi Khan, Nawab of Bengal. Due to his cunning mind and diplomacy, he won the trust of Alivardi Khan and earned the position of Commander. Alivardi Khan married his niece with Mir Jafar.

NO 3: Ever Pasha

Enver Pasha. He was one of the leaders of the Ottoman Empire from 1914–1918 (taking the role of Minister of War) when it was on the brink of collapse. And he killed a man that saved his life.

In 1914, the Russian Empire invaded the eastern side of the Ottoman Empire, and Enver Pasha was the main commander of the eastern Ottoman forces. He was a terrible military leader and he sent hundreds of thousands of Turkish soldiers into the mountains with a lack of clothing during very cold winter months. When the Russian side attacked the Turks at the Battle of Sarikamish, his huge army was demoralized and the result was a crushing defeat for the Ottoman Empire.

NO 4: Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez was a Venezuelan politician who was president of Venezuela from 1999 until his death in 2013

The sheer adulation and admiration that Hugo Chavez had for Fidel Castro made it possible for an impoverished and isolated country (such as Cuba) to fully colonize and invade a richer and far more developed society as was Venezuela on the late 90’s without shooting a single bullet. Cuba is now the depository of about 70% of Venezuelan entire gold reserves (Latin American Herald Tribune ), manages to get billions of dollars in free oil and money despite of the total collapse of the Venezuelan economy (Maduro mantiene suministro de petróleo a Cuba pese a penuria de los venezolanos), and controls its entire intelligence and military apparatus – so much that the Cuban flag and uniforms are a staple of any military parade:

NO 5: Haxhi Qamili

Haxhi Qamili was a hyper-conservative Islamist, According to history he is a Albanian cleric who headed the movement that wanted to overturn the recently won independence of Albania by having it return under the yoke of the Ottoman Empire. Yeah, hard to top a traitor who leads the political movement to undo the sacrifices of his nation that just succeeded in unchaining itself from a deteriorating empire.

Do You Know Why Haxhi Qamili was a Bad ass and triator.

1, His revolt was anti-Independence
2, He is an anti-Christian.
3, He is an anti-West and anti-Albanian

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