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Popular Physics teacher, Pradeep Kshetrapal is dead



Mr Pradeep Kshetrapal is dead, he is the famous Youtube teacher and well known Rorary Club social worker.

According to sources Mr Predeep died on January 9th 2019 in his house at Kolkata.

A with man in his 60s, A teacher of Physics. Traveled many countries. Won awards for social work in the field of education of disabled children. 36 years in Rotary


Brief Bio Of Pradeep Kshetrapal

Few Thing You Need To Know About The Late Physics Legend Pradeep Kshetrapal

Pradeep Kshetrapal was Born in India on Sunday on November 30` 1952, Did his primary education in Bhatapara and a college a the government school in Raipur.

He was a brillian scientist, until his death he has been an icon on Youtube teaching Physics to students and his Physics channel crossed over 70 million views mark.

He is an M.Sc degree holder in Physics and has been into teaching career for over 35 years.
A gold medlist winner in the school exams.

Mr Predeep had the opportunity to be selected for second Kharagpur and L.L.Sc Banglore.

He taught in several school like DPS, KV, Navodaya and many other Military schools in Banglore.

Pradeep explians why physics is hard for most people?

Physics is knowledge of nature all around us. We live in it so it can not be difficult. It appear difficult to those who dont take it as a knowledge but as a means to get a degree. If some one say that Physics is hard I am sure he/she did not get a RIGHT TEACHER. And thousands of students who got good teachers vouch for it. If a teacher teach Physics as everyday phenomenon in life what we are living how it can be hard. I have a million subscriber of my You tube channel for teaching Physics and one can see the million remarks that Physics is actually an easy and interesting subject. Compared to Bio and Chemistry one has to memorize one fourth. So with right teacher Physics is an easy subject.

Phy-XII-1-1Electric Charge -1(2017) Pradeep Kshetrapal Physics channel

Pradeep Students Admires his work on Youtube

“Physics is a subject which us mainly about numericals.I came to know about it through YouTube and I saw that they also post exercise videos. But I mean highly disappointed after ordering this because very less chapters contain numerical videos.Neet and jee content is limited to very less chapters.

I thought that mujhe coaching ki zarurat nhi padegi but now I badly need it. I think I have committed a mistake on ordering this.Their customer service is very very poor. First off all they don’t pick up phone easily.

Second no reply on whatsapp.Jab humne kaha that send us numberical video that they sent us pdf of exercise As I mean what is this??? I have purchased your lectures for pdf of numerical??? I can find them easily on google. Woh baar baar kehte hain ki hum aapki sir se baat karvayenge but kabhi nhi karate.Its been 1 month that I have complaining to them but they don’t give any reply.

Call uthane par hamesha yeh keh deta hain hum yeh department nhi dekhte koi aur dekhra hai usse baat karva denge but kabhi nhi karvai. Chemistry- numerical in this also. Quality of teaching not good Either give me complete course containing numerical or return me my money back.On youtube a week before you asked my phone no to talk to but did’nt called me.This is not fair sir” His big time student commends him


sir , it pankaj mallik from Nepal, i like and love your method of teaching. I am a science teacher . I watch first and then apply in my class.
Sir you are really great. Thank you sir ..your lecture is best ..
you are a legend sir

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