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Pregnant mother of two, Megan Call causes stare as she makes her belly ‘disappear’ in wild Tiktok video



To your wildest imagination this is belly gone wild, Megan Call a pregnat mother with her second baby shocks online users as she wimp her belly enough to ‘disappear’ in wild Tiktok video.

The video which she tagged “The ultimate baby bump challenge”, went viral on Tuesday as she  shared it on Tiktok of herself making her baby bump nearly vanish into thin air and this got over a million attention on the video streaming app.


As she captioned it: Low on supplies? We’re regularly updating our list of retailers that are still selling household essentials, including toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

“The ultimate baby bump challenge,” which begins with her husband pulling a fake “plug” from her stomach, followed by the sound of something popping and deflating as Call’s pregnant stomach flattens out.


@meganbcallthe ultimate baby bump challenge🤰 ##pregnant ##fyp ##pregnancy ##23weekspregnant♬ som original – winningnhlbettorr


Megan’s video actually got many viewers like they have watch what they shouldn’t have watched as she continued smiling and reducing her belly.

Many of the Tiktok users commented by saying:

“I just vocally said wait what,” one person wrote.

“She really pulled out the reverse card on her pregnancy,” joked another.

“She done turn the baby into paper,” commented a third.

Megan’s video really got over 2 million views with 27K comments.

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