Filipino Alfredo Cornejo Jr. a.k.a Babajie from Bubble Gang is dead, he died at the age of 35.

The news of his death was confirmed by a close relative.

Babajie is Alfredo Cornejo Jr. in real life and just previously, he was rumored to be dead. But that was refuted by his mother who revealed his real condition at that moment.

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He was accordingly alive and fighting after suffering from a sudden and drastic weight loss last February as per previous report.

According to his mother’s story, no hospital would admit him initially which worsened his condition. Until such point came where can no longer walk due to severe weakness. He then got admitted at San Lazaro Hospital and these have all happened amid coronavirus crisis.

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And now, a close relative of him has confirmed his death through a Facebook post. The caption told, “Bakit? Maaga pa.. Bata ka ka pa.. Alam mo kuya na mahal na mahal kita.. Ikaw ang pinakaclose ko noon pa man ikaw nag turo sa akin mag business.. Ikaw madalas kong kasama…. Mamimiss kita.”