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#RIPMazet floods as Mezet dies on telenovela “Gomora”



Twitter fans were kept in a state of surprise as they watch Mezet exists the telenovela Gomora on the latest episode of the tv, Tears and tributes kept on flooding on the social media community.

Many were surprised as they watched helplessly seeing Mezet die on the telenovela Gomora.

“And with that we bid Mazet farewell Loudly crying faceBroken heart it’s so hard to say goodbye – We’re crying real tears in this side Loudly crying faceBroken heart we hope you enjoyed today’s episode and that you’re crying with us’  Said one of the users who watched aas Mazet dies from the television show.

The plan to shank Israel – Lockdown

Deborah plays Tyson and MaZet to get them to kill Israel. Sue overhears the plan and wants in.

Actress Siphesihle Ndaba, who has been behind the the feisty and dangerous character Mazet on new telenovela Gomora.


In a new interview she tells Ntandoyenkosi Mncube how she landed her first major TV role and what it is like rubbing shoulders with veteran actors

The new kid on the block Siphesihle Ndaba has thrown herself into her first major TV role, winning the viewers’ hearts as the feisty Mazet in Gomora.

Ndaba made her TV debut in Mzansi Magic’s new telenovela on March 31. It’s a show that depicts the lives of two families and how their worlds collide.


Fans reacts to MaZet death on the Telenovela Gomora


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