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Man eaten by shark dies from coronavirus – HOAX!!



As Coronavirus (Covid 19) spread around the world, fake news and misinformation also spread along with it. There is a new information circulating all over the social media claiming that a man who was eaten by a shark died of coronavirus.

The fake news with the headline “Man Eaten by Shark, dies from Corona Virus” should be ignored by internet and no such story happened around the world.

Fake News

A twitter user who analysed the story wrote..

it says man eaten by shark dies from Coronavirus, so a man can’t die twice, the man died when he was eaten then how did he die from Coronavirus so does it mean the shark died because he ate a man that had the virus?

Since its outbreak in December 2019, coronavirus has affected over three million people in over 180 countries across the world. The virus has also caused about two hundred and fourty eight death as at Monday May fourth 2020.

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