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Covid-19 Lockdown: Minister Jackson Mthembu reveals what will happen if South Africans refuse to stay at home



South Africa’s Minister in the Presidency, Jackson Mthembu has urged all South Africans to remain at home following the increased rate of  coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The minister while speaking today during a media briefing with news men warned the members of the public to abide by government’s stringent lockdown measures or watch the pandemic kill everybody.

“We are dealing with the deadly virus. We still want to appeal to all people in various parts of our country; please stay at home. Please stay at home so that you don’t have regrets that because of your not staying at home so many people could’ve died as a consequence of your not staying at home” he said

It is believed that the minister’s warning came following the fierce legal challenges aimed at government and the members of NCCC in particular. In addition to contests instituted by tobacco firms, following government’s abrupt U-turn on the controversial cigarette law, a group of advocates have challenged the NCCC’s Constitutional mandate and oversight.


Although Mr President Cyril Ramaphosa, has vowed to support the NCCC and their decisions on the ban of cigarettes sell in South Africa during lockdown.

During his clarion call for compliance, Mr Mthembu painted a grim — albeit over exaggerated — picture of the future which awaits a defiant nation. The minister exclaimed:

“This is a responsibility for all of us, it’s not only a government matter. Government can only do so much but ultimately it’s all of us that must hold hands and fight this pandemic.

If we don’t work together to fight this pandemic, this pandemic has [the] capacity to kill all of us.”

Mthembu’s comments, although intended to promote compliance and unity, have been blasted as unnecessary fear-mongering.

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