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Profile Of Umara Sinhawansa

Real Name: Umaria or Umariya Sinhawansa
Current Location:: Sri Lankan
Birthdate: Born 5th of January 1991 (29 yrs)
Birthplace: Sri Lankan
Immediate Family: ————
Occupation: Singer – Musical Artist
Managed by: Private User
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Who Is Umara Sinhawansa

Umara Sinhawansa is Sri Lankan born entertainer and musician who is extremely talented singing, she is a much sought after big name in her country’s music industry and now a permanent member of Bathiya and Santhush team.

Although is from Sri Lanka, Umara was born and raised in Colombo, her style of music are mainly:  pop, R&B and Jazz.

Early Life & Education


Umara grew up hearing all kinds of music from Jazz to Classic, as her parents, Tony and Ayesha Sinhawansa are professional musicians. Her passion and talent for singing was evident at a very young age itself as she started to sing “Atlantic Star” when she was just over a year old.



Umaria Sinhawansa went to Gateway International College and obtained a degree on Visual and Performing Arts in 2008 – 2010.

During her school days, Umara won many singing competitions.. But her hobby and passion took a more serious turn with her first public performance when she was around 13 years. From thereon, Umara continued as a singer, singing western songs. when she performed the song called “Snehaye” she created a vision to break from her self-imposed limitations and to sing in her mother tongue. She wanted to make whatever contribution she can in her own small way to the Sri Lankan music industry.

Music Career

All her songs released so far have climbed high in music charts.

She developed and polished her performing style to such a standard that you will never catch even fraction of a second where she is unsure, shy or hesitant on stage. Sri Lankans living abroad has commented upon seeing Umara on-stage for the first time as her to be “world-class” and as “born to be on stage”.


Umara has collaborated with the biggest names of the Sri Lankan music industry like, BNS, for her debut in Sri Lankan music, singing a duet which was known as “Pethu Pem Pathum” sung with BNS for the very popular movie ‘Asai Mang Piyambanna’ (I like to fly). The song and the video became hits overnight and the song became a chart-topper. After much hard work and and effort, it is still one of the most requested songs and will continue to be so. Her second song, which was for the film ‘Rosa Kele’ stayed on top of the charts for months after its release both in audio and video. With her songs becoming instant hits, Umaria was invited by BNS to perform and be a part of their musical shows. So far she has performed in both local and international shows and won the hearts of audiences all over the world with her unique style of performance. In 2010 she represented Sri Lanka at the “Asia new singer festival” in Beijing, and managed to grab the Silver award for her country.

Along with her commercial successes came offers from International organizations like coca-cola to do commercial jingles which have become major hits in the country. Umaria has cited various artists who have influenced her musical style. She grew up listening to songs of Destiny’s Child, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Engelbert Humperdinck, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Earth wind and fire, Eagles and many more. Umaria is the youngest singer who has had the honour of being nominated for the Best Singer Award for two years in a row, for the years 2007 and 2008, at Sri Lanka’s premier Film Awards – Sarasaviya Film Awards.

The road to international fame and success has just begun for this young lady. Using her background in western music as a platform and achievements as a motivator, 19-year old Umaria Sinhawansa is presently planning on her album for the local market and looking forward to taking Sri Lankan music to greater heights by reaching out to the International arena with her unique vocal range and style.

Is Umara Sinhawansa Married

Yes!! Umara Sinhawansa got married on December 2010 to her handsome bridegroom who is also a gem businessmen in Sri Lanka.



Ira Handatath Rahase
Ira Handatath Rahase (From “U Turn”) · 2019

Sithak nam
Dancing Star (Sinhala) · 2012

Wassanayata · 2011

Adarei Ma
Wassanayata · 2011

Hendeka Kanda Panna
Wassanayata · 2011
Rae Paya

Thamburu Piri Sendewak
Wassanayata · 2011
Mal Yaye
Wassanayata · 2011

Sinaha Paala
Wassanayata · 2011

Obata Bandunu Adare
Wassanayata · 2011

Don’t talk about love
Wassanayata · 2011

No No No
Wassanayata · 2011

Sitha Pura
Wassanayata · 2011

Wassanayata · 2011

Sina ko
Dancing Star (Sinhala) · 2012

Sinaha Ko Dan Heenaye
Maa Adarei Nangiye
Ras ras diswena
Suwanda Newila
Wassanayata · 2011
Sitha ridawala


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