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Jiayang Fan – Few Things You Need To Know About Her



Who Is Jiayang Fan?

Jiayang Fan is a Chinese born American journalist based in New York. Jiayang Fan is currently working as a staff at ”The New Yorker”. She became staff at the New Yorker in 2016.

Jiayang Fan reporting on China, American politics, and culture has appeared in the magazine and on since 2010.

Jiayang Fan Profile

Real Name: Jiayang Fan
Age: Early 30’s
Career: Journalist
Country: China
Nationality: Chinese
Education: Williams College


Jiayang Fan Went to Deerfield Academy and thereafter got admission to study at Williams College. Jiayang Fan graduated from Williams College in 2006.


Jiayang Fan started off her career in 2016 when she joined The New Yorker as a Staff writer. She reporting on China, Politics of the United States, and culture has appeared in the magazine and on since 2010.

Jiayang Fan Harassed for Speaking Chinese In Front of Her Home

In March 18 2020, Jiayang was harassed by a racist man in front of home. Narrating her encounter with the man in a series of tweets in her twitter account she wrote….

Went to take out trash.Was talking on phone in Chinese. Man walked by on sidewalk & in interest of social distancing,I said,”sorry, go ahead.” “FUCKING CHINESE,”he yelled loud enough I could hear him over aide’s voice on phone. I turned to look at him to make sure I heard right

“Yea,I’m talking to you, Chinese bitch,” he continued. “UR FUCKING CHINESE.” Man didn’t seem drunk or mentally ill. I was so breathless I couldn’t make sound on phone for long while. I was asked on phone if I was OK. I couldn’t say anything for a long minute.He kept looking at me

I wasn’t offended.I was afraid. I was worried he knew where I lived. I decided not to go fetch the bag of rice a few blocks away even tho I don’t know if lockdown is coming & what that means for my grain situation. It doesn’t seem worth it.

For the longest time, I have been telling friends in China that although racism against Chinese exists in this country,that’s NOT what I feel in a pandemic. I’ve never felt like this in my 27 yrs in this country .I’ve never felt afraid to leave my home to take out the trash because of my face.

I want to believe what happened is anomalous& that we r living in extraordinary times&fear can deform us. I wonder now if I should’ve taken his pic but dunno if that would’ve just aggravated him.I have no answers,many questions& maybe 4 words: Extreme Caution, Radical Compassion

Jiayang Fan with her mother

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