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Read Gareth Cliff Open Letter To President Ramaphosa



South African radio and television personality who is currently  the host of t breakfast show on 5FM, Gareth Cliff has sent an open letter to President Ramaphosa. The content of the open letter all speaks about his views on the coronavirus lockdown in the country. He also spoke on how he feels when the President makes a promise and then break the promise.

Excerpts from Gareth Cliff open letter to Ramaphosa

Dear President Ramaphosa,

I’m going to keep this brief, because I know you’re dealing with a lot:

We’ve all been ready to support you and your administration in your efforts to save lives from this pandemic. Even people like me, who have questioned the idea of a lockdown as the best response have decided to comply and do whatever we could to help. We set aside our concerns over the heavy-handedness of the police and army; we swallowed and accepted that poor people in informal housing would be crammed into their one-room dwellings for a month; we limited our trips to the shops and even accepted not being able to buy hot food (for whatever inexplicable reason).

When you couldn’t put your mask on we laughed and we were charmed to see that you were able to laugh at yourself too. For a time you won everyone over again. You yourself have said that it has taken much for people to give up their liberties, their right to be with family and friends and the ability to move freely around. Our patience and emotional state of affairs are on a knife-edge. We are losing hope.

Governments walk a fine line in times like these, where the regulations not only have to make sense, but also have to have significant buy-in from the public – otherwise people will break them, in big ways and small. South Africans are mostly compliant – but when you promise something and then break that promise, it makes us feel like we should break your regulations in return… Read the full letter Here

Listen to the audio message below:-

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