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Ms Banks



Profile & Biography Of Ms Banks

Real Name Thyra Oji
Age Born  14th April 1994 (24yrs)
Birthplace British
Profession Rapper & Songwriter


Who Is Ms Banks

Meet Thyra Oji nicknamed Ms Banks she is from Southeast London,Ms Banks is a British rapper and singer, She was born on 14th April 1994 – making her 24 – and is of Nigerian and Ugandan descent.

Early Life

She began rapping at the age of 12, writing and performing her own lyrics.

Ms Banks Family

Her mother and auntie were R&B music lovers,   they listened to R&B artists like Whitney Houston, En Vogue, Monica, Donnell Jones and Usher, while her Uncle – who used to be a rapper in a grime group called Essentials, where his name was Remedy – listened to drum and bass

Career & Achievements

Her music career started when she was 11, she began at that time to write songs and make some compilations as a child.

Over the years Banks have been able to release three mixtapes.

As at 2014 she released her first mixtape she titled “Once Upon A Grind” followed by her first EP she titled “New Chapter EP” she did in 2016.

She dropped “The Coldest Winter Ever” in 2018 and put up another EP titled The Coldest Winter Ever Part II in 2019

Banks has released various independent singles to SoundCloud under her record label Ms Banks name. One of the most popular singles is “Flex N Finesse.”

Collaboration with Nicki Minaj & Fan Supports

Nicki Minaj is a notable fan of Ms Banks, over the years she has been tweeting her lyrics and voicing her support across social media community.

During her interview on Capital XTRA’s The Norte Show, Ms Banks alluded to a possible collaborative track between herself and Nicki Minaj. “I can’t really say too much,” she confessed, “All I’m saying is… when it drops, it drops. It’s amazing. We’ve spoken about a lot, and a lot of things are happening.”

After tweeting the lyrics to Ms Banks’ song ‘Yu Zimme’, Minaj said that the song had her people going crazy, before letting slip that she wants to bring Banks on her UK tour in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled!   Culled from capitalxtra..


In April 2017, Ms Banks supported ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper Cardi B on her UK tour. “What she’s achieved is amazing,” said the rapper of the Bronx starlet, “I feel like I always saw it in her before she had the number one I knew she was a star so I’m very grateful to experience it and meet her.

Ms Banks List Of Songs So Far


Bop Daddy
Bop Daddy · 2020

Snack · 2019

Bad B Bop
Bad B Bop · 2019

Back It Up
Back It Up · 2019

Gangsta (Remix) · 2019

Gun Lean Remix
Gun Lean Remix · 2019

The Coldest Winter Ever, Pt. 2 · 2019

Like Tu Danz
Like Tu Danz · 2019

Come Thru
The Coldest Winter Ever · 2018


Back Up In This
The Coldest Winter Ever, Pt. 2 · 2019


No Wahala
The Coldest Winter Ever, Pt. 2 · 2019

Chat 2 Mi Gyal
The Coldest Winter Ever · 2018

Wifey Tingz
The Coldest Winter Ever, Pt. 2 · 2019

The Coldest Winter Ever, Pt. 2 · 2019


Remember The Name
Remember The Name · 2019


Pen Game 2

The Coldest Winter Ever · 2018

Champion (Main Mix) · 2018

G’s Dem
The Coldest Winter Ever, Pt. 2 · 2019

Say Nuttin
The Coldest Winter Ever, Pt. 2 · 2019

Know U Know
The Coldest Winter Eve

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