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Meet Dr Jerome Munyagi



Profile & Biography Of Dr Jerome Munyagi

Dr Jerome discovered the Coronavirus medicine being used in Madagascar.

Real Name Dr Jerome Munyagi
Birthplace Congo
Profession Medical Doctor
Popular For Covid-19 Vaccine

Who Is Dr Jerome Munyagi

Dr Jerome Munyagi is the Congolese doctor who has produced a successful herbal vaccine for covid-19 his medicine has cured about 92 people of Coronavirus.

Dr Jerome’s drug which he used African herbs to produced is being used in Madagascar to treat Coronavirus.He partnered with Madagascar’s Government to produce the vaccine.


Dr Jerome’s medicine has proven to be the possible vaccine and remedy for the treatment of patients with coronavirus and many have called on the World Health Organization and some important people to at least consider this vaccine as it may be what the world may be looking for after all.


Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina has recommended the organic concoction to cure the infected patients.

It is claim that the concoction named Covid Organics (CVO)  a form of herbal tea  is curing COVID-19 patients has divided public opinion in the island nation, some 400 kilometers (248 miles) off the coast of East Africa.

Taking to Twitter, Rajoelina asked people to believe in the country’s ability. He said all profits accrued through the sale of concoction will be diverted to the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (MIAR)

All trials and tests have been conducted and its effectiveness has been provided in reducing and elimination of symptoms from COVID-19 patients in Madagascar,” Africanews a multilingual news media service quoted the president as saying.

What Is Covid Organics (CVO)

It is a plant extract that has a herbal concoction, the medicine  has an anti-malaria portion, The National Academy of Medicine of Madagascar (ANAMEM) said they have taken cognizance of the medicinal virtues of the concoction. The Academy suggested setting up a system to monitor people who have consumed this herbal tea.

Rakoto Fanomezantsoa who is a military doctor has revealed that Rakoto CVO has one of the components that strengthen the immune system and eliminates viruses.

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