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Lebanese businessman, Tahir Fadlallah evacuated with air ambulance from Kano to Lebanon (Video)



Lebanese billionaire businessman and the owner of Tahir Guest Hotel has been flown out of the Nigeria via Air ambulance to Beirut after showing symptom of coronavirus (Covid 19).

Tahir Fadlallah was evacuated with Air Ambulance from Kano to Lebanon. Tahir Fadlallah is also the chairman of Lebanese community in Kano State.

Who Is Tahir Fadlallah? – Brief Biography

Fadlallah, founder of the Tahir Guest Palace Hotel, is an elder in the Lebanese community in Kano. The hotel prides itself as the most prestigious, elegant and luxurious in the north of Nigeria.

The hotel which was founded in 1994 is said to be a preference of not only Nigerians but also holiday makers and important dignitaries and business people from around the world.

The hotel which was initially opened as Tahir Guest Inn when Fadlallah decided that the city of Kano did not have a suitable hotel to accommodate its people or its visitors, now offers excellent accommodation and services with a focus on luxury, space, comfort, good value, customer services and maintenance.

The hotel claims on its website to have over 300 rooms.
Fadlallah was one of the 82 people honoured by the Kano State Government in 2017 for their contributions to the development of the state.

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