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Crazy Indonesian Teens Filmed Riding a Motorcycle With 4 Of Them Using the Seat in the Back (VIDEO)



So many videos of exorbitant motorists circulating on social media. Especially the two-wheeler alias motorcycle. There is a freeloader of three. Pillion, four, up to five in one vehicle.

Even worse, they drive while releasing both hands. Some are dancing, not clear. There are also those who stand up. However, in the end, not a few ended up pathetic. Smell the asphalt until it falls into a ditch or rice field.

And, recently. There are a number of young people from Aceh who are stylish in the vehicle. They seemed to go beyond the rider styles of the past. How, no, GanSist? These young men rode the Honda Beat not just two or three of them. But the four of us. They really broke the rules in driving.

Crazy again, they keep a large wooden chair in the back. Where, three people sat very relaxed. One on the left, one on the right, the other in the middle.

The video seemed to be recorded at night. The atmosphere is quite dark. Only illuminated by street lights and traffic lights. The driving youth appeared to be wearing a sarong. Chances are they are going home next time, yes, sir. If so, instead of understanding the safety of life, they even exorbitant style and endanger themselves.

Following the video,

I wonder why they do crazy things like that. What should I consider it? cool? Oh no! There are, people around or other motorists will feel disturbed. Just a little they are not able to balance themselves when sitting in the back seat, it does not rule out the possibility of them harming other drivers who go hand in hand or with them.

They consider safety. Don’t you love yourself? Why is life considered so cheap ?! Parents give birth with difficulty, and also support their schooling so they can think smart. But what? Gedenya even like that. Very unfortunate, yes, GanSist.

Moreover, coved-19 is currently rife .Where, people are encouraged to remain at home. Worship at home, work at home. Not making a scene or looking for sensations like the young men above.

If you do not have a really urgent interest, it is better if we follow the direction of the government, so that we can lighten each other’s burdens. Breaking the corona virus chain So that everything returns to normal.

And again, if you really can’t feel what the medical personnel who are dealing with the corona virus case , at least we can see how they struggle.

They are forced to be far from their families. Wife and children and other closest people, in order to save the lives of many people. So, let’s realize how important it is to maintain health and safety.

Stop doing things that add work. Enough people who are sick and helpless are in the hospital. Don’t you healthy looking for a way to get there.

I hope that the youths whose identities have not been identified above can be traced and lightened by the local regional security authorities. Don’t let those crazy things come back again. Because, enough to worry other riders.

Okay, that’s all my thread. Hopefully everyone can take lessons, and understand how important it is to obey driving rules. All for mutual safety

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