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8 Murder originating from the Dating Application



Technological progress is a useful thing for life. Whatever its form, developments in the use of technology have a positive impact on humans. For example, people used to have to open a shop physically if they wanted to sell. But now if they still want to sell, technological advances don’t require them to own shop buildings.

Anyone who sells can display their booths on ecommerce sites or applications. Just like ecommerce that does not require people to have shops to sell, dating sites or applications also provide convenience for people who want to find a mate. The application makes it easier for people with features that help in finding a partner. But unfortunately the application is misused by many people. They trap people found in the application and take advantage of it. Not only that, the misuse of dating applications even leads to death.

1. Stefano Brizzi (50) is a killer who got his victim in the Gridr dating app. Brizzi’s murder came to light when police examined the unpleasant odor coming from Brizzi’s room. After entering the man’s room, the police found several body parts in the bath tub which contained acidic fluid. The corpse in the room was a man named Sempel Gordon (59). When examined, Brizzi claimed that he killed and mutilated Gordon because he was under the influence of Metamphetamine. In addition, Brizzi also told police that Gordon died in an accident in the sex game they were doing. After conducting further investigations, the police also found that they were no less terrible than before. The police found the remains of human skin,

2. Gable Tostee committed the murder of Warriena Wright. Tostee’s murder began with his second meeting at Tinder, a dating app that many young people use. Both arrived at Tostee’s apartment at night. But at that time things began to get out of control. Tostee and Warriena quarrel so Tostee locks Warriena on the balcony. Tostee intimidated Warriena, so the woman was frightened. I was so scared, Warriena tried to get down from the 14th floor. But this led to the fall of the 25-year-old woman. The incident made Warriena died instantly. During the inspection, police found footage in Tortee’s room. The recording contained Warriena’s crying while saying that she wanted to go home. When interrogated by police Tostee initially did not admit his mistake.


3. Bamford –  The murders that began with the next dating application were those conducted by Ben Bamford to PaulJeffries. Bamford killed Jeffries viciously. The young man attacked Jeffries so that the victim suffered 40 injuries including 3 different incisions in his throat. Bamford and Jeffries met on the Grindr application two years before the murder. Even though the two broke up, they communicated with each other again. The murders were committed by Bamford because they needed money. Many of her debt due to drug addiction made her dark. To get Jeffries money. But when questioned by the Bamford police he said that he was protecting himself from the Jeffries attack. After some time after that, Bamford was hospitalized to treat the wound he suffered.


4. Clarissa Mcghee kills someone she knows through dating apps. The woman got to know Jordan Collins through the PlentyofFish dating application. Clarissa did the cruel thing when robbing her victims. At first Clarissa waited for Jordan in front of her house with three friends. Clarissa asked Jordan to silence the noisy dog. When the victim came to Clarissa, the woman shot him. Not only Jordan, his brother who came and intended to help was shot five times but still alive.


5. The murder that began with the next dating application was carried out by Carl Langdell. The man knew his victim named Katie Locke in the PlentyofFish application. Langdell phoned his victim by claiming that he had run away from his advocate’s office. This was done to make his victims believe in him. Before meeting Locke, Langdell had spent time in a psychiatric clinic. When consulting with his psychiatrist, the man had told me about his terrible desire. On one occasion, Langdell also had told his psychiatrist that he wanted to kill a girl by cutting her neck and having sex with her corpse. He even dubbed himself a monster. Langdell really did what he dreamed of after meeting Locke. On Christmas Eve, Langdell, who was drunk, killed Locke. After that, the man did something heinous. He screwed Locke’s body and put it in the trash.

6. The murders that began with the next dating application were those committed by Miles Donelly. He met a man named Usha Patel through the Oasis application. After a long period of communication, Patel invited Donelly to his house. But when the couple was drunk, Donelly killed Patel. The man hit, strangled and stabbed Patel 13 times in the abdomen. The stabbing was done by Donelly using a bread knife. After the action, Donelly runs away but leaves the key, her underwear and her daughter’s photo. To secure himself, Donelly hid in the residence of his neighbors. But his neighbor did not allow Donelly to stay longer. This makes Donelly angry and hit him using the bench. After that, Donelly ran away and surrendered to the police. This was done after he called the police. In 2016 Donelly served a life sentence.


7.  Michelle Martens allegedly did something very sad to her daughter Victoria. The woman invited a pair of men and women to come to her house to rape her child. Martens invited men and women named Fabian Gonzales and Jessica Kelley to use Plentyoffish. This case is very strange because Martens himself witnessed the heinous thing that had happened to his son. He was on location when his son was raped twice by Gonzales. In addition, Martens also witnessed his daughter being mutilated. The case was revealed after the discovery of the daughter of Martens in a blanket that caught fire in New Mexico. The girl was found unarmed. During the investigation, officers revealed that before being raped and killed Victoria was force-fed Metamphetamin. The case led to Martens being sued for kidnapping and torturing children to death. Gonzales and Kelley were charged with kidnapping, raping, and abusing minors to death.

8. Murder because the next dating application was carried out by Edward Bonilla. The man met his victim Ashley Pegram through a dating application called Meet Me. Based on Bonilla’s account the unfortunate event occurred one day when they returned from a party. Bonilla said that on the way home he and Pegram had a fight. This led to Pegram’s attack on Bonilla but the man deflected. Long story short, Pegram fell and Bonilla wrapped the woman’s head in a plastic bag. After that, Bonilla isolated the woman’s neck and buried Pegram’s body in the Harleyvill forest, South Carolina. To disguise his actions Bonilla said that he had sent a short message to Pegram.

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