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Ziyad Feghali Dies At The Age Of 45


Lebanese legend of rally Ziyad Feghali is dead,  Ziyad was a speed racing and hill climbing car racer.

Ziad Feghali’ Cause Of Death

He died at the age of 45, after a struggle with the cancer he had suffered two years ago. Most of the visual and print media outlets in Lebanon announced this morning, and Ziad is from the Feghali family.

Ziyad Feghali hails from the Feghali family they are famous for motorsports and rallies, which includes next to his cousins ​​Roger and Abdo Feghali.

The late Ziad got married with two daughters, and has many participation in rallies, and is one of the champions of speed racing and rally in Lebanon.

Tributes For The Late Ziad Feghali


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