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Meet Bridget from the bachelor sa



Profile & Biography Of Bridget

Real Name Bridget
Age 31yrs
Birthplace Durban, South Africa
Profession The Bachelor SA Contestant

Who Is Bridget From The Bachelor

Meet Bridget from the popular DSTV Televison reality show “The Bachelor SA”, she is fro Cape town.

Bridget is a big-hearted soul with a big personality, big smile, and big dreams. Her superpower is lighting up any room. Like Marc, she’s originally from Durban, but after school she packed her bags – leaving her chickens, pigs, and hamsters behind – and moved to the UK to travel and experience the world.

Early Stage Before Joining The Bachelor SA

Bridget initially tried dating apps and went on a few dates with no solid outcome, Then being unsuccessful on that front, she decided to enter the Bachelor SA as another means of finding the man of her dreams and seeing “hunky” Marc (36) reinforced she’d made the right choice.

Bridget is bubbly and spontaneous; but not when she sees snakes, cockroaches and spiders.

Bridget Early Life, Love Life &  Family



Bridget was born and raised in Durban where she lived with her parents, Meryl (68) and Colin (70) who have been married for 46 years and she aspires to mirror their relationship.

Bridget came to The Bachelor SA and met Marc who was the actual winner of the Bachelor SA and the memorable moment she shared with him was their first kiss during the cocktail party where she said he’s “a very good kisser”.Is she in a relationship with Marc? i should ask that…..

Originally Bridget has been on and off relationships before meeting Marc hopefully their strong union will last.


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