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Read Stan Letter To AKA that have sparked outrage on the social media



It was on Wednesday 29th of April 2020, a tweet with caption #StanLetterToAKA took up the whole stage at the social media community.

The content of the letter which got many attention has it that a die hard of fan of South African rapper AKA took time out to share the many reasons why they love the star rapper. Soon, #StanLetterToAKA started  trending number one in the country with beautiful messages being shared to appreciate SupaMega.

Read the letter below….


“One fan wrote, “Dear AKA. It will be very naive of me to think that I’m your best fan ever. There are legions of us. We don’t only appreciate your music, but we’re also interested in you as a person. We just want to see you win and we’ll forever support and surround you.” a twitter user commented



Checkout Their rections below with many saying that the letter was out of line and context.


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