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Meet Tteokbokki Seller Names His Products’ Korean Vegetable Rice Lontong Stirrup



At this time various types of food from anywhere in the world almost already exist in Indonesia. These special foods from various countries certainly attract the interest of the people of Indonesia.

Indonesian people on average choose to try these foods for reasons of curiosity to hear the taste, are curious about typical foods from other countries and some are even interested because of a culture / film.


One of the most popular foreign foods by Indonesian people is tteokbokki. The food, which comes from South Korea, is well known in Indonesia due to the large number of fans of South Korean culture in Indonesia.

Tteokbokki is a South Korean food made from rice cakes with a special South Korean sauce called Gochujang. With a spicy taste mixed with sweet and chewy texture of the rice cake makes this food favored by the people of Indonesia Especially for lovers of Korean culture.

Because this food has been sold in various Korean restaurants and street vendors, the competition is getting tougher. So to get a customer the merchant must have good cuisine or have a unique concept for his merchandise.

In Jakarta, precisely in the Cipinang Muara area, there is a very unique tteokbokki street vendor. The seller makes a banner that is able to attract the attention of road users and even viral in cyberspace. This banner reads: Tteokbokki and at the bottom it says ‘ Oseng Lontong Vegetable Stir Fried Rice’

Well this seller gives a unique name on the banner, the name of a typical Indonesian food vegetable lontong. When you try the dishes it turns out it is indeed very similar to Tteokbokki with Gochujang sauce. Not only that, this tteokbokki also has various topping such as chicken meat and fried tekwan. This trader also added sesame sprinkles on top of tteokbokki so that it enriched the taste and made the tteokbokki very appetizing.


This story was viral when it was first uploaded by the Twitter account @nisanpr and finally because the unique name on the banner made the merchant become viral and had many customers. The price offered is also very affordable in the bag which is 10,000 rupiah.

Various creative ways of the Indonesian population to earn a living must certainly be appreciated. Apart from being creative, the Indonesian people are also able to see the market and find many customers thanks to the media promotion of Indonesian netizens.


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