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Ashley “Minnie” Ross



Profile & Biography Of Atlanta star Ashley “Minnie” Ross

Real Name

Ashley “Minnie” Ross

Age Born October 21, 1984 (36yrs)
Birthplace Chattanooga, Tennessee
Profession Reality TV Star
Death April 27 2020
Cause Of Death Accident
Daughter Aubrey


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Who Is Ashley Ross

Ashley Ross was born October 21, 1984 in Tennessee, she is the former hair stylist revealed last year.

Early Life & Education

Ashley Minnie Ross attended Brainerd High School and Chattanooga State Community College.

Ross is the godmother of Andrea Salinas’ daughter, Aubrey.

Minnie was a frequent guest on an Atlanta podcast called, “85 South”.

In Summer 2017, Minnie went to an urgent care center because she was not feeling well, and having common cold symptoms. She was then rushed to the ER, and was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Her condition is genetic–and has nothing to do with her dwarfism. She is making lifestyle changes to reverse the heart failure.

in Summer 2018, Minnie started a podcast with rapper Monie Love.

In March 2019, Minnie revealed that she is in a relationship with Atlanta music producer, Slickbeatz.

Relationship & Love Life

Ashley dated Atlanta-based music producer Slickbeatz.

Career & Achievements

In 2016, Ross kicked off the Atlanta spin-off of Lifetime’s hit show Little Women: LA alongside castmates Briana Barlup, Tiffany “Monie” Cashette, Emily Fernandez, and the Salinas twins.

Few Things You Need To Know About Ashley Ross

Minnie is her mother’s only child.

She has a half sister named Shelly, who appeared on a season 2 episode of Little Women: Atlanta.

Ross was once engaged, but broke things off after she found out that her partner was cheating on her.

Ashley is the owner of an 11 year-old dog named Khloé.

Ashley Ross Cause Of Death

The Chattanooga, Tennessee born ,  Ashley “Minnie” Ross  died   on Monday 27 April 2020 following a tragic hit-and-run car accident she encountered.


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