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Two Men Allegedly Battered Criminal Investigators Dakeimi Residents



Indonesia –  The action of two motorbike theft (Curanmor) was successfully foiled by residents of Pinayungan Village, East Telukjambe District, Karawang.

Two people suspected of being the perpetrators were arrested and had been judged by residents who were furious with acts of chanting that returned to bloom in the Karawang region.

The video of the two people suspected of being arrested by citizens circulated on social media. Residents appear to tie the hands of the two perpetrators with a rope.

Occasional crude punch floated to the faces of these two people. The incident was allegedly when residents were about to break their fast at around 18:20 West Indonesia Time.

Information from a member of the East Telukjambe Sector Police stated that the incident was precisely in front of the Puri Asih Clinic, Pinayungan Village, East Telukjambe, on Sunday 4/26/2020..

“Curat, uncle, TKP in front of Puri Asih Clinic,” wrote the source, to, Monday 4/27/20020.

The source was reluctant to explain the complete chronology and identities of two alleged perpetrators. But according to him, the two people suspected of perpetrators of theft by weighting (curat), are currently languishing in the detention room of East Telukjambe Police Station.

Meanwhile, a few days earlier, the Karawang Police Resmob Resmob Team arrested 2 out of 5 people who were plunders of bank customers who broke the glass.

This plot is a Palembang network that carries out its actions in the Cikampek and Karawang areas of the city.

The police also shot both of the perpetrators’ legs for trying to escape and fight officers when they were about to be arrested. While 3 other perpetrators friends are still at large.

“We arrested the perpetrators on (07/04/2020) around the Karawang and Tangerang area,” said Kasat Reskrim Karawang Police, AKP Bimantoro Kurniawan.

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