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Pertamina University Regrets Student, Medan Dan-Ulah Sun Video that Hina Lafaz Allah



Pertamina University through its Instagram account @universitaspertamina confirmed that Medan Dan-Ulah SUN is a student of the Chemical Engineering Study Program in 2017. The humiliation by Medan Dan-Ulah SUN was regretted by the campus. “Pertamina University regrets the actions taken by students of the Chemical Engineering Study Program class of 2017 – Pertamina University who mentioned SARA on the relevant social media. We as educational institutions cannot tolerate all actions that offend SARA, “said the account posted 16 hours ago.

Making a Video of Hina Lafaz Allah, Pertamina Student Reported From Medan Blasphemed, Then Apologize

A student reportedly from Medan, the initials SUN made sultry social media users, especially Instagram. This is after the person making a video that insults Islam.

The 10-second video has been viral since yesterday. In the video, SUN edits his head to look like he is wearing a turban. Then on the forehead there is a picture of the lafaz of Allah, while the middle finger is pointing to the picture. While on the back there is a cross-cross painting. “Shalom,” he said with a smile and tagged one of his friend’s accounts.

Suddenly this video immediately ignited the anger reaction of citizens. Videos have also been shared with many accounts in the hope of strict action from the police. One of them from the account @followtictsadist. “Please quickly deal with it, the campus should not be silent bae !,” said the account.

While another account @ mbxrock said SUN is indeed a Medan resident. “Friends in North Sumatra, especially Medan, please teach him to joke right,” he wrote. This account also writes the full SUN address in the Tasbih Complex area, Medan Selayang.

Seeing the turmoil, SUN, known as a Pertamina Jakarta campus student, immediately deleted his post on the @melepasrindu_ account.

He uploaded an apology through his Insta Story Sunday night. “Hello friends, I realize what I’m doing is 100 percent wrong. But I made it just to joke with my friend without any intention of insulting certain people or religions. I sincerely apologize to all of you and I promise I will not repeat it. I beg my friends to be willing to forgive me. Thank you all and happy fasting, “he wrote.

He also emphasized that his friend who had brought him in this matter had no connection at all. “My friend @aldrinsanova did not interfere in this matter, because I tagged it just because it happened to be similar in percentages, sorry once again, everyone,” he explained.

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