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Kim Kyong Hui Considered Eligible Substitute For Kim Jong-un, Who is She?



North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, was reportedly critical after undergoing heart surgery, Some even reported that the figure born on January 8, 1984 had died. But Can A Woman Lead North Korea.

If Kim Jong Un really died, who is the candidate?

International observer and professor of international law at the University of Indonesia (UI) Hikmahanto Juwana said, if North Korea was led by seniors after Kim Jon Un died, North Korea’s relations with South Korea and the United States could have a negative effect.


“There is currently a lot of speculation circulating as to who will replace Kim Jong Un. If his successor is more senior than Kim Jong Un then the policy line will be different from Kim Jong Un and negatively affect North Korean relations with South Korea,” Hikmahanto Juwana told ANTARA in Jakarta, Sunday .


He gave an example of a suitable candidate to replace Kim Jong Un from the senior circles, namely the aunt of Kim Jong Un, Kim Kyong Hui.


Kim Kyong Hui was once a strong figure during his leadership when his brother Kim Jong Il became the leader of North Korea.


“His aunt was experiencing the days of his father Kim Jong Un namely Kim Jong Il in power. If Kim Kyong Hui replaces Kim Jong Un as the leader of North Korea, then the line of government policy like Kim Jong Il’s time will be reapplied,” said Hikmahanto.


If Kim Jong Un’s successor comes from young people or younger than the North Korean leader, then the policy line will be more progressive.
“It means he will continue what Kim Jong Un is doing,” he said.


In addition, South Korea and the United States must be vigilant in establishing relations with North Korea.


This was done by South Korea and the US, if Kim Jong Un’s replacement came from senior circles.


“If Kim Jong Un’s successor comes from young people, then South Korea and the United States can establish a full relationship with North Korea,” said Hikmahanto.
He said all lines of North Korean government policy depend on the top leadership of the country.


“There is no democracy so it depends on what successors are like,” concluded Hikmahanto.

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