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Joy Alukkas owner death.. he died in Dubai


One of the prominent Keralite businessman, Joy Arakkal has passed away. According to reports Joy Alukkas owner reportedly died in Dubai where he based. Before his death Joy Arakkal was the owner and founder of multiple businesses located in Dubai.

How he died.. Joy Arakkal died on Thursday after reportedly suffering from heart attack. He is known for his charitable works.

He was recently awarded the UAE Gold Card which grants holders and their dependents a renewable 10-year residency visa in the UAE.

Arakkal is said to have owned one the biggest house in Kerala. A house measured to be a size of 45,000 square feet. He is well known for his house in Wayanad named Arakkal Palace.

Joy Alukkas Owner Death, Wiki, Wikipedia – Things To Know About The Prominent Business Man

Joy Arakkal was an accountant.

He went to Dubai  to become the owner of one the best refineries in the world.

Joy Arakkal owned several cargo ships to transport petroleum products to the Middle-East.

He was known challenges and his oil ships cruised along even during wartime. He was fondly called as ‘Kappal Joy” by the people at his native place.

Joy Arakkal  owns one of the biggest house in Wayanad named Arakkal Palace located in Kerala. The house had also provided shelter to those who were affected by the floods last year.

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