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Cuban Doctors Deployed In South Africa (Photos)



In a bid to curb the outbreak of Coronovirus in the country,  Group of Cuban doctors have been deployed in South Africa.

The Cuban doctors are to make their way into South Africa this Sunday to join other Cuban doctors who are already in Africa fighting to halt the spread of the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Cuban doctors expected to arrive South Africa today includes family physicians, epidemiologists, biostatists, health technology engineers and biotechnology experts, among others.

According to Dr. Reynaldo Denis de Armas, head of the Cuban medical brigade in South Africa, to the Prensa Latina news agency the Cuban doctors on arrival will be placed on a 14-day quarantine, afterwards will be deployed throughout the country’s nine provinces, according to the program. agreed with the South African authorities.

As of today, according to the latest official information from the South African Ministry of Health, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the nation is 4,361, while the death toll is 86.

According to a statement from the Cuban diplomatic legation in South Africa, the group of health professionals is made up of family doctors, epidemiologists, biostatists, engineers in health technology and biotechnology experts, among others.

They were carefully selected, the text explains, to guarantee a great experience and knowledge in the planning, execution and management of clinical cases, as well as the public health response.

Minister Jackson Mthembu updated South Africans with pictures on when the Cuban doctors left their country for South Africa.

See Pictures Below:-


The buses at Waterkloof Airforce Base that will be used to ferry more than 200 Cuban healthcare professionals to 14 day quarantine. They are landing in SA at 23:55.

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