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Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Volunteer Elisa Granato Rumored Dead



It is rumored that the University of Oxford microbiologist Dr Elisa Granato who was one of two people to be injected on Thursday as human trials got underway just three months after studies have died.

The news which has gone viral said she died two days after the vaccine was administered, but UK media has refuted the claim that she died.

According to Mirror,Dr Elisa Granato the woman who became one of the first humans in Europe to receive a potential coronavirus vaccine says she is “doing fine” despite a rumour claiming she had died.

Dr Granato while with BBC after being injected on her 32nd birthday said: “I’m a scientist, so I wanted to try to support the scientific process wherever I can.

“Since I don’t study viruses, I felt a bit useless these days, so I felt like this is a very easy way for me to support the cause.”

It falsely claimed that she had pre-existing medical conditions that had not been disclosed to doctors carrying out the tests and that four others were “battling complications”.

Dr Granato was forced to take to her Twitter  handle to inform her 6,000 followers she was very much alive.

Few Things You Need To Know About Dr Elisa Granato

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