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North Korea Is Still Silent Over President Kim’s Death Rumors



The news about North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un death rumor have already taken a new level after TMZ reported that he is in a vegetative state.
No ones knows if in such state the dictator can still lead his country.

Already many headlines have written so many things about him being dead and in a serious danger but what everyone want to hear is if he is still alive or dead.

In all of this rumor of his death the North Korean media outlets have remained silent about the news but instead  they continue to act as if life in their peripheral is still normal. They have continued publishing old and off topic reports and statements from his abode about the economy and other topics, the gist is that there’s nothing to see here and everything is fine.

Kim disappearance on April 15 at a celebration commemorating North Korea’s most important holiday, which honors the founder of the country, Kim’s late grandfather Kim Il Sung. State-run media oddly hasn’t published any photos of a recent weapons test, which typically show the leader watching in approval. And official statements from the country have curiously lacked any direct comments from Kim himself.

The North Korean president Kim cigarette smoking lifestyle could possibly have triggered his current health situation to the level of being in such Vegetative state like rumored by TMZ. He’s believed to have had a severe gout.


President Kim being absent on the country’s most important day might be because of his post-surgery complications,But the plausibility have helped make it a global story and everyone is interested to know his state and condition at the moment.


Kim’s death has been reported by several media outlets in China and Japan following concerns over his health. The Earliest reports have showed that the North Korean dictator died following complications from heart surgery he had earlier in the month. If reports of his death are correct the news will spell turmoil for the secretive nation a senior South.

Kim and his government will chose to remain secretive on everything even in his death…. but the entire world is watching and waiting to hear from him if still alive.

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