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Dj Divalash



Profile & Biography of Dj Divalash

Real Name Kagiso Divalash Modiselle
Age 25yrs
Nationality PRETORIA, South Africa
Career DJ & Music Producer

Who Is DJ Divalash


Meet the  20 something year old South African Transforming Top Lady Deejay, The Current Reigning & Winner of The Category “Best International  From The Transformation of her Hair to the Dramatic Make up to The Most Title of Battles She is Holding?, The Lash whips everywhere!

She gains the Recognition from entering deejay battles and Competitions going against Male counterparts to Command Respect from the Massive Crowds that knows nothing about her but ends up Following her after winning the Deejay Battles/Competitions all because of the Unique styles she rocks on the Decks. Be Warned? Your Feet will be on fire just by the attack of the lashing sounds of The Queen Of Afrobeat.

Early Life Of DJ Divalash


Kagiso Divalash Modiselle was  born and bred at Mabopane then later moved to Soshanguve as an entertainer and performer from singing, djing, dancing, mc’ing, acting for 8years in the State Theater to doing events and owning an entertainment agency by the name of Rizing Legendz Agency Promoting and Organizing Events Beauty Contests etc.

Career Achievements and Awards


Divalash at it again scooped  her second Award not anywhere else but her own Home Ground Pretoria when she was nominated for the Best Most Ambitious Entrepreneur for the HOFAwards which stands for The Hall Of Fame Awards that began on year 2011 and is the success of their 3rd year.

HOFA= A local award show that aims at rewarding and commemorating the well deserving, hardworking , dedicated and consistent entertainers and entrepreneurs of Tshwane’s youth.

Her first Huge Award winning moment came this year on February 2013 scooping an Award all the way from West Africa in Ghana Deejay Awards for the Category “Best International Deejay of the Year” 2012/13 and was the only Female Deejay nominated in that respected Category as she was the first ever female deejay to represent women and Southern Africans at the prestigious awards and her recognition was acclaimed from the support that Ghana saw on her YouTube Videos and The Panel was impressed that she was playing their music in South Africa.

Since then, Divalash never looked back, as her Youtube Viewership number grew and made people all over the world very curious and made them glued to draw promoters into booking her In their countries. Even got to make it to the SA DJ MAG TOP 100.

Since her successful Tour from Portugal Europe last year on her birthday month, she came back with a title and is still the reigning Queen of Afrobeat, a Sub-genre that is mostly enjoyed by the countries Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and is taking all over as she makes it seem effortless to enjoy when she melts the beats on the decks with effects.

She has Commanded Respect by entering Deejay Battles and always comes up as the Winner of runner up and has been one of the successfully growing artist without any big stable behind her and has even managed to Own her own Agency and is signed under Rizing Legendz and manages to still make it big as a solo deejay and singer without a CD but has singles out and creating vibes when she holds he mic while deejaying to perform and dance along with the crowd.

She has been blessed to Tour more than 10Countries like Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Swaziland to name a few and is now Heading to Washington D.C USA and had to Postpone her Tour in EUROPE AND UK due to higher demand in S.A.

Very Competitive and passionately driven to take over the Industry by her sounds on the decks raising the feminine flag higher for those who lack voice.

Kagiso Modiselle aka Divalash has become an unprecedented story of (DIY) do-it-yourself success. No agent, No Manager, she do it all by herself. Driven by her passion to spin the music she loved for a larger audience.

Divalash combines sound and force with weight while spanning the spectrum of sonic style, covering every genre imaginable, and smashing it all into a collision of wobbling, perverted basslines, hypnotic hide-and-seek adventures, and pretty much anything that strikes her fancy.

Making it on SA DJ Mag Top 100 DJ List last year has considerably boosted DJ Divalash’s profile, her signature sound has made her one of the most desirable DJs to go see perform.

She recently scooped an international DJ award in Ghana adding her to few list of SA DJs to have won an award outside SA.

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