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Katy & Emma Davis



Brief Profile & Biography of Katy & Emma Davis

Real Names Katy & Emma Davis
Age 38 years
Nationality UK
Cause Of Death Covid-19
Career UHS, Nurse

We mourn the unfortunate death of Identical twin sisters, Katy & Emma Davis who  died within three days of each other after both tested positive for COVID-19.

Few Things You Need To Know About Katy & Emma Davis Two Identical Twins That Died Of Covid-19

Katy and Emma Davis sister, Zoe pen down her tribute to the NHS hero.

They Kept saying they will leave the world together as they into the world together.

Emma and Katy Davis, had both worked as nurses and both had the same underlying health condition.

Katy Davis who was a Children nurse died at Southampton General Hospital

Emma a former surgery nurse, died early on Friday.

Katy worked as risk and patient safety lead in child health and a spokesman for University Hospital Southampton (UHS)

Emma worked as a nurse in surgery in the colorectal unit from 2004 until 2013.

Emma is described as an excellent nurse, calm, cheerful and a good leader. She was well liked by all and was a valuable member of the team during her time with us.

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