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Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, A platform has been created for South African small businesses. The platform has been created to help local businesses survive the corona crisis by allowing you to pay it forward.

Say Siyabonga is platform created to help local businesses survive the lockdown. By using Say Siyabonga you are allowed to PAY IT FORWARD. It is an easy to operate platform. You buy vouchers for goods and services from your favourite local shops and services providers NOW, and then claim your purchases once we’re all back on the streets.

How It Works

Say Siyanbonga is a platform where you can create what is essentially small vouchers that you can then offer to your customers to be redeemable once the whole world goes back to normal life.

Purchase discount vouchers now to redeem once the state of emergency is lifted and life returns to normal. Supporting now will help provide your favourite small business with some much needed cash flow during these challenging times. Help enable them to pay the salaries their staff and survive #lockdown.

Watch The Video Below To Learn More

How To Register

Registration for Say Siyabonga is easy and simple. First of all you need to create a profile for your business and thereafter submit your supporting documents.

1. Log on to Say Siyabonga website @

2. Register your business by creating a profile

3. Submit your supporting documents

4. Accepting Say Siyabonga merchant agreement.

Once approved, you will be able to create digital vouchers for your products or services with discounts of your choice. Say Siyabonga will sell these vouchers on their website to help you generate cash flow during this difficult time.

Step by Step Guide on How To Register For Say Siyabonga

Step 1: Build your profile

You need to create your Company logo.

Upload three pictures of your shop and staff members (smaller than 1MB each, preferably smaller) that best communicates the nature of your business.

Write three words (‘tags’) that best describe what your business sells

Add a short description of how your discount voucher is going to benefit your customers

A description of your business

Add Links to your social media accounts and website

Step 2: Submit your company details and documents

Company registration certificate – Freelancers and sole proprietors, don’t worry about this

ID copies of company shareholders & directors

Proof of bank account (stamped bank letter or bank statement)

Number of employees

Monthly salary bill

Average monthly turnover

Income tax number and VAT number if registered

Sample tax invoice

Step Three: Create your vouchers

Decide on the products or services you would like to sell

Provide a discount of your choice, because nobody understands your business needs better than you

Step Four: Spread the word:

Let your customers know that they can support you on our platform

Spoil your customers with some extra-special added love when they come to redeem their vouchers

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