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Ramaphosa Wearing A Mask Turns Up South Africans (Video)



South Africans have started a mask challenge after President Cyril Ramaphosa tried wearing face mask to demonstrate how to properly put it on during coronavirus lockdown went wrong.. Ramaphosa concluded a very heavy speech with some unexpected comic relief. And in true South African style, we took it and ran with it!

After concluding his speech today Ramaphosa got his mask to demonstrate how it it’s been worn, this he did struggled a little before putting it on right. It took minutes for the internet to turn him into memes that had everyone crying with laughter.

Thank you Mr Ramaphosa, not only are you a president we could be proud of, but we desperately needed a laugh after five long weeks of lockdown.

Level 4 Lockdown In South Africa – What You Need To Know

— Borders remain closed to international travel, except for repatriation of SA citizens and foreigners to their countries

— There will be no travel between provinces, except for transport of goods and exceptional circumstances such as funerals

— Public transport will continue but within limits and certain hygiene guidelines

— People can exercise, but under strict public health provisions

— Sale of cigarettes will be allowed

— Elderly and those with underlying conditions must stay home

—Range of goods that can be sold will be extended

— Work from home if you can

— People encouraged to stay home

— Bars, clubs and shebeens remain closed


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