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Muslim groups in North Gauteng High Court calls for re-opening of Mosques amid covid-19 outbreak



The Muslim groups  in North Gauteng High Court are  calling for Mosques to be re-opened “under limitations.”

With Ramadan also approaching, they are arguing that Mosques cannot be completely closed. they say they want all places of worship to be opened with “limitations”.

The news was shared online by a Twitter user with handle  “Man Is No Barry” on Thursday:


But majority of South Africans have jointly disputed the call for re-opening of mosques and worship centers, one of this is an online user who said that rather people should compliment the governments initiatives and measures they have put in place to make sure that the rate of infection of covid-19 in the country is leveled to zero by staying at home and avoiding social gathering.

“Pray at home and be safe. No one is worried about you getting infected, everyone is worried about you infecting the innocent.” he said

Another user said: ” Corona doesn’t care about limitations or Ramadan. Pray at home Muslims like everybody else. You have been praying for decades I am sure Allah understands the situation”

If South Africans really want to want to help curtail the spread of coronavirus in the country they should  observe a strict adherence to the instructions and maintain the stay at home rules propelled by the government through the use of security agencies soon the country will break off from the pandemic.


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