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Dita Malam Malam



Biodata & Profile of Dita Fakhrana Utami

Real Name Dita Fakhrana Utami
Age 25yrs
Country DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Career Actress and TV host
Marital Status Yes Married

Who Is Dita Fakhrana Utami

Dita Fakhrana Utami, also known as Dita Fakhrana (born in Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia, May 11, 1994; age 25 years) is an Indonesian actress and host. His name was widely known when he was the host of the 2017 GOoka Traveloka League 1 broadcast on tvOne.

Before famous

Before becoming famous, Dita began her career as a flight attendant. Not long after, he joined the 2017 Puteri Indonesia representative from DKI Jakarta 2.

Dita’s name has soared when he guides both League 1 2017 and League 2 2017 that are broadcast on tvOne television station. And he also became a presenter on the Let’s Go Healthy Life, One Pride Glory and UFC Fun. End of 2018, he no longer broadcasts on tvOne. Since 2019, he started starring in comedy programs that are broadcast on NET., Can Ae. The woman who also has the ability of Muay Thai, jiujitsu and MMA had a chance to bring the program Good Morning Nusantara that was broadcast on ANTV in 2017.

Dita Fakhrana Utami TV shows

League 1 2017 (2017) (tvOne)
League 2 2017 (2017) (tvOne)
League 1 2018 (2018) (tvOne)
League 2 2018 (2018) (tvOne)
Come on Healthy Life (2018 – 2019) (tvOne)
Ultimate Fighting Championship (2018 – 2019) (tvOne)
Good Morning Nusantara (2017 – 2018) (ANTV)
Can Ae (2019) (NET.)
Open Ae (2019) (NET.)
Telecuis Black Cinema Trans TV Cinema (2019) (Trans TV)
Night Night (2019) (NET.)

Video: Surya and Zarry Give up! Not Strongly Liable To Do This – NIGHT | Malam Malam (4/4)



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Ketika bahagia lo itu sederhana mainan floating aja berasa di bali ♥️ dirumahaja yah 🥰 #hateisavirus (aku sih pgn salto tapi susah ya, biar kayak di mandi bola) ☺️

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 Dita Fakhrana Utami & Husband Wedding Pictures



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A millions times over , i will always choose you ♥️

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Boljug 😌

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