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Avdullah Hoti Biography



Profile & Biography Of Avdullah Hoti

Real Name Avdullah Hoti
Birthday 4 February 1976 (age 44)
Political Party Democratic League
Family 2 Children, Antian and Ledion
Country Kosovo Albanian

Who Is Avdullah Hoti

Avdullah Hoti is an Albanian Kosovo politician born February 4th 1976, at the moment hes is the head of the LDK parliamentary group.
In 2017 Hoti took part as the candidate for the Prime Minister in the Kosovan parliamentary election.

Avdullah Hoti Education

Avdullah Hoti graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Prishtina where he once served as a worker in Economics Department, Faculty of Economy.

Avdullah Hoti Career & Politics

Before his appointment as a the First Deputy Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti served works at the Economics Department, Faculty of Economy, University of Prishtina.

He does a refine research in Macroeconomics, Development Economics and Labor Economics. Their most recent publication is ‘Participation, Discouraged Workers and Job Search: Evidence for Kosova’.

He served as the Minister of Finance between 2014 and 2017 in the PDK/LDK coalition government and currently he is the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo.

Avdulla Hoti was the head of the LDK parliamentary group a position he served from 2017 – 2020.

Avdulla Hoti Skills & Expertise

Human Capital

Economic Development

Economics of Education

Developing Countries

Avdulla Hoti Publications

Participation, Discouraged Workers and Job Search: Evidence for Kosova


Article in Jun 2017
What Determines the Incidence and Size of Remittances: Evidence for Kosovo


Article in Jun 2015
Labour supply in conditions of high unemployment: Evidence from a transition and post-conflict economy – The case of Kosovo


Article in Feb 2015
Labour Supply in a High Unemployment Economy: Evidence from a Transition and Post-conflict Economy Kosova


Article in Oct 2013
Returns for Education in Kosovo: Estimates of Wage and Employment Premia


Article in April 2011
Returns to Human Capital in Kosova: Implications for Educational Policies 


Article in Dec 2010
Determinants of emigration and its economic consequences: Evidence from Kosova 


Article in Dec 2009
Doing Business in Kosova: Challenges and Opportunities


Article in May 2006
Human Capital and Unemployment in Transition Economies: The Case of Kosova 


Article in Jan 2005
A Background Study on Labour Relations in Kosova 


Article in Jan 2005
Education and Economic Development  of Kosova  


Technical Report Feb 2004
Labour Market Transformation and Implications for Unemployment in South East Europe: Experiences of Albania and Bulgaria and Lessons for Kosova 


Article in Jan 2004
The determinants of educational enrolment in transition countries: The case of Kosova 


Article unknown date


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