I just checked my Google Analytics engine and found this particular strange URL  hume.google.com and i have been trying to find out if the domain is in one or the other related to Google.

I had to check and check on the search engine and i saw an answer from Quora claiming that the big search engine company Google is about to integrate another new future product or service  called Hume. i guess the dude could be  right but we have not received any news of Google plans for another new  inbox service when we are not yet done with their Gmail service.

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The Answer as it was written on Quora

The domain just brings me to Google search.

Here are my guesses what the domain might be for:

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Maybe it’s a future product or service by Google called Hume? Like inbox.google.com which is for Google Inbox.
Just a normal domain owned by Google that works as Google Search.
A standard domain that Google owns but has no use yet