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Truth Or Dare Records Boss, Michael Alunomoh Identified As Chatham Balcony Gunman



The 30 year man who was arrested for shooting in the air from his penthouse apartment in Chatham, Kent has been identified as Michael Alunomoh.

Michael Alunomoh is the CEO of truth or dare records, a record label based in Chatham. He also an upcoming Nigerian rapper in the UK who goes by the name, Flexing Mike. Michael Alunomoh is a cousin to popular Nigerian billionaire social media influencer, Hushpuppi

Mr Alunomoh trended on the news today after posting a video of himself showing off his guns and shouting ‘call the f***ing cops’ on Instagram, before firing at the police gathered below ‘come on, come on, you’re mad’.

The 33-year-old then shouts along to Tupac’s ‘Hit Em Up’ as he shows his cache of ‘weapons’ to the camera in a string of bizarre Instagram videos.

In the footage, he then moves towards the edge of the balcony singing and thumping his chest with the ‘gun’ – referencing the Notorious B.I.G, shouting ‘f*** Biggie, f*** Bad Boy’ before firing off several shots.

Armed officers from Kent Police and helicopter a helicopter raced to Chatham Dockside as he pulled the trigger and yelled: ‘I see them, they run.’

He has a 57K Instagram account where he show cases his luxurious lifestyle and wealth
Michael Alunomoh has this Monday advertised his upcoming new EP on Instagram, featuring five songs.

WATCH VIDEO OF Michael Alunomoh Shooting From His Apartment In Chatham, Kent

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