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Social Media Has Gone Agog After Offset Was Caught Stalking On A Girl’s Instagram Stories



Offset caught lurking around a girls Instagram stories and the social world keeps buzzing about it.

It was Tuesday that a news went viral about how the American rapper who is the husband to Cardi B was caught lurking around a girl’s ig stories and many people took it upon themselves.7575BE11-7D03-489F-BEE6-82CCA1452BD3.jpeg


The news was shared on Lipsticalley a Black American online community with over three hundred thousand unique members. the gossip about the rapper’s alleged stalk on the girl’s Instagram stories took the center stage as many went agog ranting how  Offset has been a notorious cheater but this isn’t all that incriminating.

“She only follows him and he doesn’t follow her.
He view her story? Okay but what was the post. Did he react to it? Did he send a dm? Have they ever met or corresponded?

This one girl posted that Future view her story so she must be bad forgetting to put that she’s been tagging him all day.” Prettier from the Lipstickalley claimed.

“Was he just watching her IG story, or is that someone he’s cheating with?, Does watching someone’s IG during these Rona times equal cheating?
And yes I know he’s a huge cheater, but I don’t really see anything here.” another person refuted the claims that Offset was actually cheating with intent.

Many still don’t believe that the Offset was into cheating but rather they said that the young girl must have been into the “mass liking/commenting spree thing” we all do to get a celebrities attention then post a sexy Instagram story.

This news came in even as the entertainer is mourning the loss of his uncle who died from the complications of Covid-19.
On Sunday, the 28-year old rapper shared in an Instagram Story, “Smfh this corona shit done killed my great uncle. RIP uncle Jerry damn man.”

“Pray for my family,” Offset added in a second story update.

Just a few weeks ago the “Clout” rapper encouraged fans to “stay safe” and “stay prayed up.”

Offset’s wife, Cardi B, has been at the center of the coronavirus pandemic, first going viral for referencing the coronavirus as some “shit [that’s] getting real.”



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