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Nigerian Man Loses All His Savings To Fire Outbreak, Shares Pictures On Facebook


NIGERIA – A man loses all his savings in a day after fire gutted his home.

The Nigerian man, Kelly Mark was full of grieve when he shared his unfortunate news with his friends on Facebook showing his burnt Naira notes.

He was away from his house before he was called that his house was on fire.

The young man could not believe the sight of what he saw, all his live savings went into flames and what was remained of his long time hustle was a burnt Naira notes in various denominations.

He lamented saying: “Please guys this is what happened to me this afternoon, I have been saving this cash for sometime now. Only to be called dat my house is on fire.

I ran down and after putting off the fire my saving box was burnt, after opening it I found the money inside like this. Inside this Covid 19 wahala.. am confused of what to do.”

Someone took turn to blame him of his unfortunate loss saying that his poor risk management ability cost him his wealth. he advised that men sometimes need to take a crash course on risk management.

“This is what some people will call to lose guard. He would have saved in an iron box or put in the bank. In fact, the way we live need risk management apart from business. I know a lot of you reading this comment who lose guard on another key areas of your life.” He said

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