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Kenny Dwan the Olympian with coronavirus said he watched people on ward ripping their mask and begging to die



“I watched many people ripping off their mask and begging to die” – meet Kenny Dwan the Olympian who survived covid-19 as he tells us his survival story.

Real Name Kenny Dwan
Age 71
Career Olympian
Survived  Covid-19

Who Is Kenny Dwan

Kenny Dwan is a 71 year-old man who survived the harrowing time he went through while battling to coronavirus in UK hospital.
Kenny while being interviewed on the television with Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, said patients on his ward were begging to call it a break and ripping off their mask as they struggled to fight the illness.

“The doctors were pleading with people to reconnect their oxygen.” the 71 year old man went further to reveal that while in his ward he watch many people speak their family members and in a moments later where carried away in a body bag.

Kenny’s strength for surviving the sickness was two older men on his ward who would go and walk around every two hours without fail to ensure they kept moving, no matter how hard it was, and they did not have any family to go home to.

Kenny said his Olympic training certainly helped his fitness and spirit beat the virus, along with the incredible help of the doctors caring for him.

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