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Fake Unlicensed Herbal COVID-19 Drugs Floods Kano State Market



NIGERIA -Covid-19 outbreak in a country of over 200 million population have turned many people into opportunists, a Nigerian traditionalist who is into herbs have produced a herbal cure for coronavirus.

The pictures osted by a Nigerian lady with her social media name, Adetutu Balogun showed the herbal remedy in a plastic bottled claimed to be a cure to covid-19 has flooded the online community and many people went frenzy on the sight of it.

”You must ignore these vaccine being hawked in Kano which is called ”COVID-19 Vaccine” it is yellow in colour it, its not certified by anybody plz dont patronize the hawkers” she advised on Twitter.

Over the weekend more of such fake drugs claimed to be a cure to the harrowing and deadly coronavirus have flooded the market in UK with many coming with different brand name and authentic claims, just last week the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has reported that they have uncovered about 14 new cases of fake and unlicensed COVID-19 medicines being sold online in the country. They have gone as far as shorting down several domain names related to such websites.

Nigeria cases of coronavirus so far have skyrocket to over 700 with 189 recoveries and 28 deaths and this have started creating fear among the country nationals.

Although Nigerian government have already set in place a total  lockdown in several affected states  with strict measure imposed for commuters and vehicular users to stop unnecessary travel within and outside Lagos which is the Country’s epicenter of the Outbreak.

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