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EFF Statement on Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams Fine for Violating Lockdown Regulations.



Communication Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams was on Tuesday fined R1000 for violating the covid-19 lockdown rules and EFF have dropped their letter in response to the situation.

In the letter shared on their social media handle they welcomed the admission of guilt registered by the Minster of Communications and Digital Technologies Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams who contravened Section 11 B of the Disaster Management Act which states that every person is confined to his pr her place of residence unless providing an essential service and prohibits gatherings. with the case number for the matter is numbered 44/4/2020.

According to the Vuyani Pambo who is the National Spokesperson to the party said:

We find it interesting that all the media houses are reporting on the matter in a manner that does not depict the role of the EFF in pursing the matter and ensuring that the minister is held accountable. The reports do not reflect the trajectory of this case; particularly the fact that the EFF is the one that made sure that the minister facs the full might of the law, in the same manner in which all the citizens that have contravened the lockdown regulations have.

In the true classical style of the media being anti-EFF, they are reporting as though the Minister is the one who voluntarily took itself to the police and admitted guilt whereas it was the EFF that lodged a case.

The outcome was different, the headlines or reports would be saying”THE EFF LOSES ANOTHER CASE”. The reporting on this matter is consistent with the media;’s anti-EFF posture of not reporting positively about the work the EFF is doing.

We note the media’s covering of this case as one glaring examples of their anti-EFF reporting style.

Issued By The Economic Freedom Fighters

Vuyani Pambo – National Spokesperson
Delisile Ngwenya – National Spokesperson
Nompumeleleo Simango – National Communications Officer

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